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Gulf Power

About Lighting Services

Gulf Power's Lighting Services team helps customers design, install, and maintain lighting systems tailored to meet their needs. With decades of experience in street and area lighting, our team understands how to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your specific lighting system.

Why Use Gulf Power?

Our lighting services team consists of lighting experts with years of experience in street and area lighting design for residential, multi-family, commercial, and industrial. We have created a wide variety of lighting solutions for subdivisions, small and large retail establishments, hotels, restaurants, automobile dealerships, office parks, banks, multi- family buildings, churches, and schools. With help from Gulf Power's lighting experts, designing and installing your lighting system is easy. We will also perform all maintenance right down to changing the light bulbs.

Getting Started

Gulf Power provides a free lighting analysis to understand your lighting needs. Then we propose the best lighting solutions to meet your needs, whether that involves cost-effective upgrades or an efficient new system.